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Make Room for the Reel Rebel

By Drucilla James


Everyone is familiar with the term “do what you love.” Instead of having just any old job that pays your bills and puts food on the table, you can have a job that makes you truly happy. There are people who think this isn’t possible and others will say that you shouldn’t mix your personal hobbies with your work because you may get tired of it. Well, there are two people who are defining and drawing the line of mixing work with pleasure.“It seems like every day that I spoke to my son, he was always out in the boat fishing or under the bridge somewhere,” said Sandy Zapata, co-owner of Reel Rebel. “I guess I really didn’t realize how much he truly enjoyed fishing and I always enjoyed seeing the pictures of his catch.”Zapata thought it would be nice to have her son Jeffery Moody, co-owner, work with what he loved. That thought would mark the beginning of how they came together to create their brand.Reel Rebel is an online fishing apparel store that opened earlier this year in Neptune Beach. It aims to provide good quality shirts and hats to wear while hunting for tonight’s meal. However, they’re planning to grow this family business into a brand that goes far beyond just that.“We want to represent all fishermen and women,” said Zapata. “We represent all levels of fishermen from beginners to the pro anglers.”Reel Rebel earned its name on a brainstorming drive around town.“It sounded catchy and reminds me that all of us have a little “rebel” in us,” Zapata said.Considering they have lived and fished in the area for the past 13 years, they know that fishing is a great way to bond with family and friends. That being said, having a brand that reflects everyone’s passion of fishing and having an active outdoor lifestyle on the water is key.“Fishing is a passion, a sport and a lifestyle. Fishing is for everyone,” Zapata said.Their expectations for the remainder of this year entails getting their name/brand out there as much as possible.“We plan to attend different events throughout our area and participate with different charities and fundraisers,” Zapata said. “We at Reel Rebel feel very blessed with what we have and would love to be able to give back to our communities.”One of the ways they plan to give back is to host online fundraisers for charities and organizations. With three kids in sports and activities over the years, Zapata has understood the importance to raise funds for needed items, services and programs.Find out more on Reel Rebel by visiting their website or FB page.


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